Sunday, 30 October 2011

Best Sex Position To Burn Calories

Sex is one activity that can burn calories in addition to sports. But, style is what really love is very important to determine how many calories are successful you and your partner exhaust. So what is the most effective sex positions burn calories? A German study has found the answer, namely sex style vertical or standing up.
Reporting from Geniusbeauty, scientists in Germany to do experiments on about 5000 pairs. They were asked to have sex only with a standing position, no less than once a day for two weeks.
After 14 days, the results showed that female respondents losing weight from 3 to 5 kg, without reducing food intake or exercise at the gym. Couples who have sex with a standing position can burn calories faster and much, because this position spends more energy than most other styles.
Both men and women alike should be more engaged and mutually support each other bodies. For women, this course is more effective to burn calories than missionary style. Because the position when making love under a woman move more passive.